The living evidence, which has been renamed in "objective living expenses" are amounts set by the Ministry of Finance and they represent the minimum annual costs of use and maintenance of assets such as houses, cars, yachts, aircrafts and pools, but also amounts, which according to the Ministry of Finance, represent the minimum annual of expenses of the taxpayer for its standard personal living coverage  (Articles 30-34 of Law 4172/2013 and Ministerial Decision 1073 / 26.03.2015).

Objective Expenses and Services

According to the Law 4387/2016 (Government Gazette A85/12.05.2016), which has been recently released by the Greek Parliament, changes have been made in the income taxation of both, natural and legal persons. Specifically:

  • According to Article 112, for income  obtained in the fiscal year 2016 and onwards, the taxation rates for employees and pensioners have been amended in accordance to the following scale: 
Income  (Salary, Pension, Business activity) in € Tax rate
0 - 20.000 22%
20.001 - 30.000 29%
30.001 - 40.000 37%
40.001 - 45%


In the two new first scales the tax liability becomes lighter, while the last two rates increase resulting in the proportional burden on income amounts over € 30.001,00.