Through this service, all users can submit queries about issues of interest (tax, accounting, labor, insurance, other taxation issues, etc).

A special team will respond following consideration of your queries.

In case of queries demanding less processing, responses will be sent shortly (within 3 business days), together with a proposed solution.

In case of queries requiring special consideration and careful examination into details, you will be immediately informed about any further information needed and about the relevant cost for considering such a query.

If the fees are accepted, you will be required to provide a special project order, and our fees will be prepaid into a certain bank account in the name of our company kept for this purpose.

Once our fees have been deposited, we will look into your query and you will receive a written reply within 3 business days.

If more time is required, you will be immediately contacted by our associates who will inform you about the reason why such ‘delay’ is necessary before we can reply to your query.

Please follow the procedure provided to file your query.

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