A few words about us

DINAMIKI Ltd is a specialized tax boutique established in May 1990 in Athens. Since then our company participates actively in the business environment offering extremely high quality services in all the accounting and tax fields of the market with great know-how and excellent specialization.

Our company employs 25 people in total, each specializing in a different field. The company offers its associates high levels of professional skills through ongoing education, to meet the demands of today’s globalised reality and its international customers.

Each customer is supported by a standing team, which is in regular contact to settle any outstanding and daily issue, so as to ensure the immediate and effective handling of issues through high-quality services.

In a constantly changing financial and taxation environment, our associates work with our customers to understand and deal with their daily issues.


Since the establishment of our company our principle is to provide our customers with quality, value for money services.

Honesty, integrity, trustworthy relationships with our customers, immediate response to their needs, politeness, setting goals which promote long-term collaborations putting short-term profit aside, are the basic principles, which determine and drive our professional conduct.

Based on our long experience, our objective is to ensure ongoing operations for our customers in Greece. Customers benefit from our extensive experience in corporate taxation issues. We consult our customers always pursuing optimum tax-related results on every inspected case.

Our company’s services are provided in five languages: Greek, German, English, French and Spanish.

Our Office

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