Specialized Tax Services

In a constantly evolving and constantly changing tax environment, DINAMIKI LTD is the most qualified and experienced company in the tax administration for the quick and efficient coverage of all needs and the completion of all processes that fall under the Tax legislation of both legal and natural persons. Our goal is to provide effective, strategic solutions that are aimed at fulfilling the obligations of tax compliance.

Our tax services are tailored to the needs of the client and cover a wide range, from the simplest, individual tax compliance services to the planning of very complex tax projects.

Our company specializes in numerous areas of the Greek tax process

Our services in detail

  • Proactive tax audits
  • Tax planning in Greece and abroad
  • Support to individuals in the preparation and submission of tax statements
  • Processing, preparation, submission and follow-up of VAT and other tax refund requests
  • Tax advice to international executives and employees abroad (expatriates)
  • Support to individuals in the preparation and submission of income tax returns
  • Planning of tax strategies Support in the establishment of foreign entities in Greece
  • Προληπτικοί φορολογικοί έλεγχοι
  • Φορολογικός σχεδιασμός στην Ελλάδα και στο εξωτερικό
  • Υποστήριξη ιδιωτών στη σύνταξη και υποβολή φορολογικών δηλώσεων
  • Επεξεργασία, σύνταξη, υποβολή και παρακολούθηση αιτήσεων επιστρο­φής ΦΠΑ και λοιπών φόρων
  • Φορολογικές συμβουλές για διεθνή στελέχη (expatriates)
  • Φορολογικές συμβουλές για εργαζομένους στην αλλοδαπή
  • Σχεδιασμός φορολογικής στρατηγικής
  • Υποστήριξη στην εγκατάσταση αλλοδαπών στην Ελλάδα
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