Security Technician

As part of our company’s commitment to keeping you informed, we would like to advise you, in relation to the assignment of security technician duties (50067/28/2017), of the following:

  • In accordance with the announcement from the competent body (SEPE), from 01.07.2018 each company should declare the security technician with which it collaborates (assignment of security technician duties) in the labour inspectorate’s electronic system so that it can receive an electronic protocol, since from 01.07.2018 the assignment of security technician duties is no longer submitted to or registered by KEPEK,
  • The above procedure does not have to be followed if the assignment of security technician duties was made before 01.07.2018 and has been registered by KEPEK, or in the case of a contract of indefinite duration.
  • However, any changes in the above mentioned contracts which have been registered before 01.07.2018, must be registered electronically. These changes may be the following:
    1. Discontinuation of cooperation with a security technician and assigning the duties to another technician
    2. A change in the total number of annual working hours, calculated automatically by the electronic system of the competent service and in proportion to the number of employees of a company
    3. Change in the security technician’s working hours etc.;

Therefore, please inform us immediately if there are any such changes so that we can carry out the procedures which are necessary on the basis of the above legislation in good time (submission - briefing of the competent authority).

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